Posted by: dcmjlive | May 12, 2010

Top 4 Singles (Songs of the Silverscreen)

Alright, since I’ve graded the duets, I decided to focus on the solos. Interestingly, Camp Should-a-Been would be very interesting because of how the solo performances worked out. Who knows, we might even see another girl in the final three.

Lee DeWyze – Kiss from a Rose

I’ll take a page from Harry Connick… Lee sang out of tune in parts. His falsetto is VERY undeveloped and it hurt him at the start. In the middle, it didn’t work. The problem is that he did not do anything to the song and did not actually connect to the song. It felt as if he just sang it. And range wise, the song really is hard and it just didn’t work for him. And Simon does say it right, it felt a bit too karaoke and yes, that felt like a contestant performance. BTW, is he channeling Kris with the plaid? HAHAHA.

GRADE: 2.75

Michael Lynche – Will You Be There

That was awkward. The song didn’t build like the original song did. It jumped from part to part that it didn’t feel right. It was like it was a rollercoaster that fell flat. Even if he sang it fairly well, it was just really weird… Ellen is right, the goal SHOULD be to win. I’m not seeing any fire there. And again, because of the weird arrangement, there was no real connection to the song. So not only did it feel like a contestant performance but also an amateur one at that.

GRADE: 3.0

Casey James – Mrs. Robinson

It’s weird to pick a ditty on a night like this but I won’t peruse song choice. I just feel it’s a weird choice of song. I think Casey sang that solidly and simply. It’s just not the song that you would want to have a moment with and it’s cool and all but yeah, there wasn’t anything radical or brilliant about it. And yeah, again, I’m noticing how stiff he actually is. I get what Simon said. The song seems so lazy and that it doesn’t bode well for the top 4. I wanted a performance like this earlier in the game. He’s really not building a nice arc of songs.

GRADE: 2.5

Crystal Bowersox – I’m Alright

Another solid performance from Crystal…and hey, she’s back. I think that’s enough. Oh and yes, she gets the artist shirt.

GRADE: 1.5

Well, I’m tired of grading them on a curve so here are grades that they deserve.


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