Posted by: dcmjlive | May 14, 2010

Heroes are going down in flames, Rupert the most recent casualty

Like I said, Russell was jumping on a sinking ship. Nothing could have saved them. And you know what made it more inevitable, the challenge being an endurance one. Russell was pretty much counting on Rupert so that they could get Parvati out because face it, Colby has the endurance dunce of the season. He has no drive or willpower left in him to stay in the game.

It’s obvious that Colby has lost it. Even in the reward challenge, he was getting all frustrated. Rule learned: A frustrated Colby is a weak Colby. Not even the sight of his brother could give him hope. It was right what Boston Rob said on the pilot episode, Colby is definitely in the wrong tribe because he’d have to deal with the many egos there. It was that ego that brought down two strong players right off the bat: Steph and Tom. It was also in losing Steph that he was shattered. Knowing he was in the outs hurt his game the most. He couldn’t pull in JT and Candice long ago to make a solid alliance and that hurt him even more.

As in Survivor 2, Colby thrives on a solid alliance. If his alliance fails or fails to make one, his strength is all gone. In a way, an alliance is the Samson hair of Colby. Take that away and he’s a straight mess. Colby never won any single immunity challenge this season. He was just too unfocused to win. He relied on alliance dynamics that he fell short on the fact that strategy is of dire importance.

Another Achilles’ knee for Colby is the lack of a strategic partner. The reason he got to the final two in season 2 other than his brute strength was Tina being able to play mastermind over the rest.

That being said though, the reason he’s the last hero standing is his great social game. It’s the reason why Sandra is still in it. He was pretty much a stealth-type instead of a brute force kind of guy. He’s also very trustworthy that when it came down to the vote, you could rely on him. But still, without Tom beside him, he was dead meat. It was sort of JT’s fault to be truthful. He kinda led his tribe to go down in flames. Had he played a more solid game, the heroes wouldn’t have crumbled. He attempted to play the villain and failed to bring the group dynamics of the tribe in sync.

Going back to this episode though, with Russell not being able to rely on Colby, he only had Rupert and Jerri. But Jerri really isn’t that strong in endurance. In her past seasons, she was pretty weak at it. Rupert had so much will to stay in the game opposite of Colby but his weight could not help him.

In the end, stating the obvious, Parvati is endurance queen. Lately, lots of immunity challenges have been about endurance and she’s pretty much ruled over them. The ones she lost were either because it wasn’t endurance or because she decided to bow out because of confidence. That girl has the willpower of a camel.

By the way, I love how Sandra plays. She was still able to maintain that game of “as long as it’s not me.” If she knows she’s a clear target, she would go out of her way to play the field. She’ll give her confidence even to a tribe that wasn’t with her from the beginning. She was willing to jump ship just to up her game. When her plan got screwed, she was willing to give her confidence back to the villains. In a way, her flip-floppiness with the fact that her sole motto is “anyone but me,” made her a villain but the loyalty she shows the one she flips to is very hero-worthy.

You know what hurt Russell… it’s his ego. For Russell, it’s “you’re either with me or against me.” Early on, he could have made an alliance with Rob and Parvati (the most dangerous villains of all time). He decided to take out Rob and now, he can’t seem to get rid of Sandra. Sandra has been pulling shots that keeps her in the game and ruins Russell’s. Instead of getting her booted, Coach gets booted by playing Russell’s motto for her own gain. I don’t know why Russell trusted Sandra over Courtney but the fact that Sandra “could” talk to him must have given him some false security that he could trust Sandra more. Again, his ego broke his solid alliance with Parvati. He saw the bond of Parvati and Danielle as a threat and now, Russell is definitely in the outs of his own alliance. And now that he got a lot of people angry, he has no chance to win even if he gets to the final three or two. (Coach, Courtney, JT, Amanda, Candice, Danielle and Rupert are certainly not going to vote for him.) It’s his ego that makes his social game really bad. Now even Parvati can’t trust him.

So I’ve talked about everyone BUT Jerri. Honestly, I can’t pull a finger on her. But I’ll give you this, she’s not the same Jerri we saw in the outback or all-stars. When her only alliance left the island, she knew where to lean. (But I’ll tell you this, it was dumb for her to not trust Rob. Rob was giving his heart and soul for her and she didn’t want to buy it. Rob became a real hero for the villains and yet she didn’t consider it. If there had not been a merge, the villains would have been disseminated by now.) Jerri did not lose hope when Coach left unlike Colby who lost all hope the moment Tom left. She’s gotten Russell, Parvati and Sandra’s trust. Hell, she could even get Colby’s trust if she wanted to.

So what’s the pecking order?

Colby – It seems even he wants to go home
Russell – He’s on the definite outs. The only way he can get to the three is win immunity.
Jerri – Because I’m iffy with her.
Parvati or Sandra – Because honestly, they are now in control.


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